Wednesday, September 14, 2016

GTD Update - Making Progress, Slowly

Do you see those three planners?  I didn't include those just to have a pretty picture at the top of my post.  I included them because I can't decide which one to use.  Yes, I'm dealing with the age old dilemma of which size works best.  I want the extra room provided by the A5 original but I want the portability of the personal Guildford. And just in case I might want something in the middle, I threw in the Franklin Covey compact to further muddy the waters.

I've mainly been going back and forth between the Filofax A5 original and the Filofax personal Guildford.  I've used the Franklin Covey compact a few times but I really want to move on from Franklin Covey.  I used it a long time and I'm read for a change (I think!).