Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thoughts About GTD

My journey to implement GTD has been filled with potholes - most of my own making.  For example:

  • I'm making it harder than it needs to be (although it is difficult until you get the hang of it).
  • I'm trying to do it perfect or exactly right.
  • I'm overthinking it.
  • I'm second guessing it.
  • I keep trying different ways to do the brain dump/collection instead of just getting it done.
I am seriously my own worst enemy.

But at the same time, this process is helping me clarify what I truly need for this phase of my life. I haven't clarified anything yet (of course) but I've been thinking constantly about it.  I've also had some new insight from a few of you.  

KerrieLynn from Sparkle Frogs Planning said this:

"So from reading your post I also get the sense that you are a perfectionist/literal person and won't/can't move forward unless you know all of the steps/ correct actions to take beforehand? My oldest daughter is the same and it is a struggle for her as well."

I've never thought of myself as a perfectionist. But as I considered KerrieLynn's comment, I realized I just might be.  So I read a few articles about perfectionism and ADHD and found that it's a very common scenerio and that I fit the description.  It seems silly that at my age (55) I didn't realize this. 

Then Jennifer, also posting in Sparkle Frogs Planning, added:

"You are a perfectionst Patty. I'd say it probably derails you more than ADD/ADHD. I know several who and my own son has those tendencies. They are a group that thrive off of lists and routine. But my son's perfectionism is greater than lack of focus, and he'll flat out chose not to do something and fail rather than do it imperfectly. We struggle."

This new insight explains a lot.  It doesn't change my desire to do GTD, it just helps me understand why it's not going as well or as quickly as I hoped.  I need to try to reign in the perfection and just GET IT DONE!

So my plan for today is to take that stupid brain dump/collection list, set a timer for an hour, and knock it out.  Wish me luck!!!